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      Thanks so much for shopping Chixey!  We are Linda and Sharona.  We have been best friends for many years and we have watched our children grow together since they were in preschool. 

      As we explored the idea of starting a business together in the fashion industry, we knew we wanted to empower and inspire women to feel confident and beautiful whether they were going to a business meeting, little league practice, or crushing a midterm.  

      As women, we are wired to feel so many different emotions and the world doesn't always celebrate this.  We want to empower women to celebrate all their unique and fun moods.  So whether you're feeling fun, flirty, sexy, sophisticated, boujee, glamorous, daring, or just casual - Chixey has you covered!  

      It's our hope that as you rock your Chixey bling, you'll feel fierce and go out and be a world changer!  Look good. Feel good. Do good.